Monday, August 31, 2009

Comic Con Challenge Final Entry!!

And so i finished my comic con challenge entry! I feel so freaking accomplished! :)

I must say, working on this thing was a lot of sweat and blood....and lack of sleep lol. I got to play around with things i normally wouldnt mess with. But its so gratifying when is done and you are trying to finish, and your coworkers keep passing by going . "HOLLY SHIT! THAT LOOKS AWESOME!"

Thanx to those that helped me out. Thanx to chad, for letting me borrow the exc machines to work laptop is not as fast lol.

So...on to to the exciting stuff. Project breakdown.

I used softimage and zbrush head to head for modeling. Roadkill and softimage for uvmapping. Zbrush for sculpting and texturing. Normal maps were baked in both softimage and zbrush. I actually used zbrush to paint all of my base textures then took them into photoshop for retouching.

I started using Softimage to model the base mesh. Then went on to zbrush to have my way with it until the sculpture looked badass. From that point forward, i used a combination of softimage and zbrush to re-topologize. In the end, i would use zbrush's project all feature to transfer materials, textures, and sculpting detail on my newly retopologized meshes.

For final rendering and compositing, i used softimage toon shaders. And using a mixture of photoshop layers to achieve the over saturated look.

Most of the inspiration for this came from Street Figther ( specially 4 ), Team Fortress and the contra series!